As Good As It Gets is a 1997 film which tells the story of three people and how their lives are brought together by a chance incident. Melvin Udall is a novelist who suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder. He lives in an apartment and has a neighbor named Simon who is gay. Melvin is homophobic and rude to Simon and his boyfriend Frank. He also gets into a fight with Frank after throwing Simon's dog Verdell through a trash tunnel. Melvin eats at a restaurant where he prefers to be served by a waitress named Carol. Carol's son Spencer suffers from chronic asthma attacks which have made him home ridden. Carol's mother helps take care of the boy.
Simon is an artist who likes to draw portraits of people. He gets a street hustler to pose for him over several days. The hustler hatches a plan to rob the house with fellow gay prostitutes. Simon walks in on the robbery and is badly injured by them. He is hospitalized and the ensuing bill leaves him broke. Frank prevails upon Melvin to take care of Simon's dog Verdell. Simon can also not pay his house help and Melvin is forced to take up some roles even though he is homophobic.
Carol has to leave work at the restaurant to take care of his ailing son. Melvin opts to pay for Carol's son treatment so that she can continue serving him at the restaurant. Simon cannot afford the apartment and plans a trip to his parents in Baltimore. Melvin agrees to take him and asks Carol to come over. During the trip the three discover many things about their lives. Melvin falls in love with Carol but his OCD and lack of compassion makes their relationship rocky. Back home Melvin is forced to accommodate gay Simon who does not have a place to stay.