Judas Kiss is a 2011 gay movie about a man who gets an opportunity though in fiction to change his life's destiny from what it is now. Zachary Wells is asked by his once boyfriend now best friend Topher to replace him as a judge at the Keystone Film Festival. Topher is a successful film director and is travelling to Spain for his film Blood & Barcelona. Zachary hesitates because he attended Keystone Summit University where the festival is.
Zachary accepts and travels to his former college. He is put up in a students house. Later at night he goes to a gay club where he meets a younger boy. He goes back to his bed with him and they have sex. Next day he goes to judge the film finalists with two other judges. He is shocked to see the boy he slept with the night before presenting a screenplay by the name Judas Kiss. The boy's name is Danny Reyes. Zachary storms out in protest because that was his name before he changed it after college. His relationship with the boy is tense after that.
Danny has been asked by his father not to show the film if he expects to get funding for film school. Danny refuses and seeks out a relationship with Shane the gay son of a wealthy couple who donate to film productions. Chris a fellow gay student in love with Danny falls out with him telling him Shane is just out to use him.
During the screening night it is announced that the film is disqualified for an award because it was written before meaning the script did not belong to Danny. It is however shown and Danny gets recognition. It shows Danny and his relationship with an abusive father. It turns out Danny is Zachary who must try and forge a different path for his life now or end up like the current Zachary.