Lucky Blue is a 2007 short gay movie about two boys from different backgrounds who meet over summer and fall in love. Olle is a quiet boy who has been camping on the same spot for several years with his dad over summer. Barbro always joins them. One summer Barbro comes over with her nephew Kevin. Kevin is an outgoing city boy with a pet bird named Lucky Blue. Olle is preparing a karaoke stand and they get to catch up with Kevin who helps out. One night while drunk Kevin kisses Olle. Kevin is however in denial of his homosexuality and next day he prefers not to talk about it. He avoids Olle who has already developed gay feelings for him. On the night of the karaoke and dance Kevin gets drunk and goes to seduce Olle again. They kiss. Olle goes and sings a love song at the karaoke probably dedicated to Kevin. Kevin decides to stay with Olle for the summer.