Homophobia is a 2012 gay short film. The movie is about Michael Fuhrreder a very young private in the military. Their unit composed of mostly young men like him is on border patrol for several weeks. Michael is gay. He has also been having gay related dreams. Some of the other boys have noted his sexual orientation and have been teasing him.
One day in the shower Jurgen plays a practical joke on Michael. He holds his hands backwards to prevent him moving then asks a colleague to open the cold tap of the shower claiming it will wake him up. Michael pushes Jurgen to the floor and goes to the lockers. Jurgen follows him there and begins to claim he has noticed how Michael looks at them in the shower. He places his chin on Michael's shoulder then begins to caress him saying he must like it. He asks if he penetrates him. All this time Michael is quiet still probably enjoying it. Jurgen then moves back after confirming he loves it. He asks Michael to die then knocks his head on the locker.
The commanding officer asks Michael about the injury above his eye but he refuses to reveal the truth. He claims he slipped from the bathroom. The officer does not agree completely but dismisses him.
It is their last night on border patrol. Michael has been put together with Raphael. Michael takes the first turn awake as Raphael sleeps in the tent. Michael is attracted to Raphael and goes to lie by the tent leaving his rifle in the cold night snow.
Raphael later wakes up and lights a cigarette and begins to talk with Micheal. Raphael says he wants to go back home after this last day on duty and meet his mother. He wants to stay at home and do nothing. Michael says he will not be going to his previous company but will go run their farm. Raphael jokes he might have to get a farm wife with big tits. Raphael talk about his girlfriend Melanie. He reveals he has never been with a girl in bed and does not know how it will be. He jokes that they might be both unknowingly gay. He goes on to add that Michael will be the girl giving him oral sex if they were gay.
Raphael sucks in cigarette smoke and asks Michael to stand. He places his hands enclosed over his mouth and asks Michael to breath in deep as he blows in the smoke. This gets Michael dizzy and they both get their heads close together. Michael tries to kiss Raphael who quickly shoves him shouting he is not gay. Michael picks his gun and begins going away. Raphael tries to reach him but he points the gun at him. Raphael begs Michael to put it down but he cocks it and places the barrel in him mouth. He sobs that he is tired of being teased a faggot and made fun of. He wants to commit suicide. Raphael manages to calm him down and take the rifle. He comforts him as he sobs on the snow.