Burning Blue is a 2013 gay movie about the forbidden homosexual relationship between two USA navy pilots.
William Stephensen and Daniel Lynch crush their military plane in the sea at night. William was in charge of the plane and the crush was due to his failing eye sight especially at night. Daniel promises to lie he was the one flying it so that William is not found to be unfit to fly. They both want to get into the USA Airforce Test Pilot School, TPS. This will be their ladder into the space program.
Five years later William and Daniel have managed to stay through and are now flying on an aircraft carrier. At Souda Bay, Crete the navy men are out partying all night and drinking. Stewart Kelleher drinks too much that night. The next morning he looks bad to fly and Skipper proposes he does not. He goes on to fly and crushes the plane in the ocean while taking off from the aircraft carrier. This being a second accident headquarters sends John Cokely as a civilian to do a safety study as the ship heads to New York.
In New York Daniel and William plan to meet later in the city. Daniel is however taken on a tour of the city by Matthew Blackwood. They have been having gay feelings for each other for some time now.
In New York that night Daniel and Matthew attend a gay club. They are spotted by petty officer Gorden dancing bare chest together.
Back in the carrier good news comes that Daniel and William have managed to get into TPS. The news are however short lived as William is told his father is in hospital after suffering a heart attack. Daniel is also having problems in his relationship with girlfriend Nancy. Nancy does not know Daniel is actually gay. They later part ways.
Daniel shows up in William's party without Nancy. Matthew comes with his girlfriend Tammie. John Cokely is outside doing surveillance on them. Daniel leaves for his quarters and Cokely follows him. Later Matthew arrives at Daniel's house alone. Cokely takes photos of them. Matthew tells Daniel that he made a commitment to Tammie and that he wants their gay relationship to end. Daniel is upset.
Cokely questions petty officer Gorden about what he saw in the gay club. He informs Cokely that he saw Daniel and Matthew dancing in a gay manner. Meanwhile a private doctor informs William that his night vision is not good still.
Matthew comes at William's house where Daniel is alone taking care of their child. Matthew informs Daniel that a TPS spot opened up and that they could be together now. Daniel tells him he is going on tour and they will not be meeting. Matthew is upset and even tells Daniel he broke up with Tammie because of their gay relationship. They both kiss.
John Cokely informs Skipper that a gay cell is affecting the cohesion of the group. Skipper is upset and dismisses it as a rumor. He even goes ahead to question John's jurisdiction calling him a civilian who is only there for safety study. He is shocked when Cokely pulls out a badge and introduces himself as an NCIS  special agent. Skipper informs Matthew that he will have to write something about his girlfriend or wife to qualify him into TPS.
Matthew dies in a jet crush while flying with Charlie and Williamson in formation. At his funeral Daniel comes out to William and his wife Susan about his gay relationship with Matthew. Daniel is taken by special agent Cokely for further interrogation. There it is revealed their bailout with Williamson is being expunged until further investigation. One of the agents calls him a faggot and he becomes rowdy and handcuffed.
At a hearing about his conduct Daniel finds his father Admiral Lynch and another friendly Admiral. They ask him to sign that his homosexual conduct was a one off event and that Matthew coerced him. This will let them be able to get him back into the Navy. Daniel refuses and says he will resign leaving them shocked. He then goes to William's house to deliver a birthday present for the son. He gets into a confrontation with William who also calls him a faggot. William then tells him sobbing that he left him and he might now be done flying.
The don't ask, don't tell policy was adopted by the USA military in 1993 requiring gay, lesbian and bisexual soldiers to hide their sexual orientation in order to serve without harassment or pursue. The policy was repealed by President Barack Obama in 2011.