Boys Grammar is a gay short movie about a gay boy named Gareth. Gareth is a swimmer. Other boy swimmers know that he is gay and keep hurling derogatory anti gay remarks at him. One day in the showers one of the boys named Nick finds Gareth's book with images of male models in swimming gear. He tries to take the book from Nick but is overwhelmed. He explains he has the pictures because he likes the human form. The other boys come over and drag Gareth into the shower and strip him. They then use an object to sodomize him.
Back at home Gareth insists to his dad on being transferred from the school. The dad insists that what does not kill you makes you stronger. Gareth's brother comes over for dinner with Nick the same boy that was involved in the shower incident. Gareth gets upset and jumps on Nick hitting him to the surprise of his father and brother.


All Over Brazil is a 2008 short gay movie about Stephen an effeminate boy. Stephen's father is a football fanatic. He expects his son to be the same. Stephen is however more interested in artistic things. While his dad is watching a football game with a friend Stephen sneaks into his sister's room. He puts on her boots and makeup. He turns on the music and begins dancing with a scurf over his shoulders. The dad comes up looking for him when the game is over. Stephen attempts to hide but his dad finds him in makeup and his sister's clothing. He forces him into the bathroom to remove the makeup then forces him out of the house. Outside the house is a group of boys who see Stephen in the boots. They hurl anti gay slurs then beat him up. Stephen later insists on going for a concert with the sister and her girlfriends while dad expects him to watch football. Stephen attends the concert despite his dad opposing it.