Same Difference is a 2002 short gay movie. Noel and Leon are twin brothers both who play rugby in the same team. Abi a cute girl who likes to photograph them as they play has a crush on Noel. Noel does not respond to her approaches. His brother Leon is interested in Abi and asks the brother why he does not go for her. Noel insists he is seeing someone else by the name Dominic. Leon thinks Dominic must be another of Noel's girl friends. He once jokes to Noel if he met the so called Dominic in a chat room. During their 17th birthday a party is thrown and Abi is present. Abi takes Noel for a dance but when she tries to kiss him he runs off. Leon approaches Noel to ask about that incident. Noel turns around and begins kissing another boy who he later tells Leon is Dominic. Abi runs off upset while Leon frowns. Noel and Dominic go outside holding each other. Leon jumps into the sea to commit suicide now knowing his brother is gay. Noel notices just in time to jump in and save him.