This is a 1988 gay movie based on a novel. An Australian senator goes to Saint Michael's private school for boys to check out a boy he has been told about. The senator is secretly gay and a member of the everlasting secret family which is a secret homosexual group. The school boy is picked by a driver from school and admitted to the club. He becomes the senator's lover. Their relationship continues until the boy finishes school. After school the boy moves into an apartment with the senator. The driver scares the boy lover when he tells him that eventually he will be old and made a driver. The boy lover does not want to believe he will take on another lower role. The lover goes to meet a judge who is also a gay member of the secret family. The judge has the contacts of a doctor who specializes in making people look younger. The lover asks the judge for the doctor's contacts so that he can accept sex with him. The judge obliges but dies later on during a BDSM session with the boy. The boy goes to the doctor and asks him to maintain the young looks he has. The doctor does it but warns it might rebound in future. The senator is forced to marry in order to maintain a good public image. The boy lover is sad he now has to move out and live with the wife. Eric lies to the wife that the boy is his friend. The boy gets depressed in the lone apartment. He drinks too much and brings awkward gay men. The senator decides to employ him to take care of their son although it is a disguise so that the wife will not suspect. The boy however manages to stay employed and looking young all the years until their son is post puberty. The senator's wife is not happy how the boy lover is close to her son. She tries by all means to have the boy sacked and away from his son but fails. She eventually gets to know the husband is gay and that the so called maid was his lover. The son is also having a homosexual affair with the husband's lover. The son is eventually admitted into the secret family also.