Teens Like Phil is a 2012 short gay film about Phil Patterson. Phil is gay and so other kids in school are giving him a hard time. His locker is vandalized with derogatory gay slurs such as faggot. His teacher has seen this and goes to see the principal. She tells her about Phil's writings which indicate depression and the constant teasing she has seen him going through. She recommends Phil should see an experienced psychologist. 
One day Phil takes him friend Adam to see the uncle called Mike who lives in a bush outdoors. Mike is the brother to Phil's mother. Adam is also bullied at home by his brother for being gay. Adam tries to kiss Phil after he shows him a picture of two men kissing which he got from his Mike's belongings there. Phil runs off.
Adam is ashamed of himself for being gay. He disassociates with Phil completely. One day at the school's changing room he attacks Phil and beats him up severely. He then urinates on his face. Phil runs off crying. At home he tries to hang himself with a rope. His mother finds him before he dies. His father and mother take him for counselling where he explains to other gay teenagers why he tried to commit suicide.