O Beautiful is a 2002 short gay movie. Brad is given a ride back home by some schoolmates. They however have sinister motives. They drag him into a corn field and beat him up for being gay. The homophobic bullies also thrust a stick into his anus and rape him with it. Andy Perry another student at their school later turns up in a truck to help him. Andy finds Brad with no clothes waist down. Andy removes his trouser and gives it to Brad to wear. He also wraps him in his jacket. Brad complains why Andy never helped while they were beating on him. Andy insists he was not there. He asks Brad if he is really gay as the bullies say. Brad nods yes and Andy is upset. He tells Brad being gay is against God. Andy manages to convince Brad into his truck. There he offers him some alcohol to warm up. While there Brad is overcome by his sexual desires towards Andy and begins to touch him. He hesitates but Andy pulls him closer. Andy reveals he was there as they beat him but was afraid to intervene. Brad is upset and tries to leave but Andy holds him and they kiss. Andy leaves the car to Brad and decides to walk home instead. Brad reverses the truck and leaves Andy in the corn field.