This is a 1990 gay TV movie which is a biography of actor Rock Hudson. Rock shows up at the offices of an agent named Henry Willson. Henry promises to make him a Hollywood star and changes his names to Rock Hudson. Henry becomes Hudson's agent and quickly introduces him to film directors who get him roles in several productions. He gets a contract with Universal Productions and moves to Hollywood with his gay boyfriend Tim. Henry asks Hudson to be secretive about his homosexuality. In the process Tim is alienated from most of Hudson's activities and he eventually moves out. Hudson marries a lady named Phyllis Gates to further hide his homosexuality. His denial however drives him into depression and alcoholism. Phyllis ends up getting a divorce after discovering Hudson is gay and that he has been sleeping with men even while they were married.
Hudson feels Henry is controlling and limiting his gay lifestyle. He fires him. He starts concentrating on his own ideas. He meets Marc Christian who helps him transfer music in old records into tape without scratches. He is amazed and they end up in an intimate homosexual relationship. Hudson however begins to rapidly loose weight. In hospital he is told a spot he thinks is a mole on the skin is actually a form of cancer called Kaposi Sarcoma. It usually gets people with compromised immune systems. He is given the bad news that he has AIDS. Fearing he will loose popularity he asks his secretary Mark Miller to keep it a secret even from his boyfriend Marc Christian. He travels to Paris to secretly be put on some experimental treatment for AIDS. He returns back to USA because of work. Christian pressures him to say what is going on but he says he has been tested and is alright. He however gets too sick and faints and it is announced that he has AIDS. He later dies on October 2 1985.
Marc Christian sued Rock Hudson and Mark Miller for not telling him that he was at risk of being infected with AIDS. The jury voted in his favor and he was awarded damages.