Clapham Junction is a 2007 British television gay movie. It was produced to mark the 40th anniversary of decriminalization of homosexuality in Wales and England. This movie follows several gay characters over a period of just over a day and the happy and tragic events that they encounter.
Gavin and Will are two gay men who are having a same sex wedding ceremony. Gavin is a doctor by profession. Will is however trying to get intimate with Alfie who is a waiter at the ceremony. He even removes his ring and secretly puts it in Alfie'e pocket wrapped in a paper containing his contact information.
Theo a 14 year old school kid is stalking his neighbor Tim. Rumors has it that Tim has previously been convicted of molesting minors. Theo is gay and he manages to seduce Tim into sex.
Robin goes cruising in public toilets. He spots a gay man but they do not get and opportunity to have sex. Robin is later surprised when the man shows up at a friend's dinner. The man is called Julian and is married.
While at the dinner where Theo's parents are also present an ambulance and police car turn up. They have come for Alfie who was chased down by some homophobic men and gay bashed. Alfie later dies from his injuries.