Speedway Junky is a 1999 gay movie about the relationship between a teenage heterosexual boy and a young hustler. Johnny is a teenager who is supposed to be in school but has run away from home to pursue his dream of becoming a race car driver in Charlotte. He likes gambling and in Las Vegas he gets all his money stolen by a girl while in a casino. He goes into the streets with no money and somewhere to stay. He is approached by a boy in a group who sees him trying to get help from a lady. They chat a little and the boys go their way. In the morning he is picked up by a man who promises to buy him breakfast. After breakfast the man promises him some work for pay at his house. On their way there the man makes homosexual advances at Johnny and he freaks out and leaves the vehicle. He forgets his bag and meets the same boy they had a chat with. The boy's name is Eric and he also knows the old gay man.
Eric introduces Johnny to his friends all of who do illegal things to survive including prostitution. Eric takes Johnny to Veronica's house for the night. He however has a crush on Johnny and tries to kiss him. Johnny is homophobic and freaks out leaving him in the house. In the streets he goes home with a young lady. The lady's boyfriend however finds them and beats Johnny senseless. Johnny is spotted unconscious by Melanie and Kelly who are Eric's friends. They tell Eric who takes him to his house. He wakes up at Eric's house. They go on to develop a tight relationship. Eric makes it clear that he is gay. Johnny insists he is totally straight but is now okay with Eric's homosexuality.
Johnny begins to prostitute himself to women and girls in order to make some money. One day on the streets he gets thrown a packet of drugs by a junky running away from the police. He keeps them at the house. The junky however comes for them after he is released. Johnny however cannot find them. He holds a gun on Johnny and asks Eric to go find him drugs. Eric goes off to Veronica's house and finds her boyfriend's gun unattended. He steals it and goes back to his house to confront the junky. He mistakenly thinks Johnny has been shot and gets into a gun fight with him. He shoots him dead. He also gets injured and dies soon later in Johnny's arms on the street. Johnny runs away.
At a bus station Johnny tries his luck on a gambling machine and gets lucky. He uses the proceeds to buy a bus ticket to Charlotte North Carolina. He manages to get live his dream of racing at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.