Johns is a 1996 gay movie which tells the plight of John a gay prostitute at Santa Monica Boulevard. It is Christmas eve and John's birthday is next day on Christmas. He is turning 21 and plans to make the day special by sleeping in a posh hotel named Park Plaza. His shoes are however stolen while asleep outdoors. His money was in the shoes. He also sold drugs for a dealer and kept the 300$. The dealer named Jimmy the Warlock is looking for him to recover the cash.
John's friend Donner is also a younger gay prostitute new to the streets. He was chased away from home by his dad after he came out. His dad is a doctor and will not allow him back as long as he is gay. He tries to help John out. He gets a deal from an uncle for them to work as lifeguards in an establishment he manages in Branson, Missouri. He also hustles and pays off John's debt to Jimmy the Warlock. They plan to save up for the bus tickets and travel expenses. John goes out of his way to raise the cash including blackmailing and stealing from his clients.
On the night before they travel John hands over his money to Donner and goes off with a client. John is excited this will be his last prostitution job ever. They get to the house and he dances then gives the man oral sex. The man calls himself John and is a stammerer. He is in denial about his sexual orientation. He confronts John in the bathroom with guilt after the oral sex saying he is not a faggot. He beats John up. Donner goes looking for John when he fails to show up. He finds his bloody lifeless body in the guest house bathroom. He laments revealing that he even stole John's shoes initially to try and save his life. Donner leaves for Missouri alone wearing John's shoes.