C.R.A.Z.Y. is a 2005 gay movie about a young boy later man struggling with his homosexuality. Zac is the fourth born in a family of five sons. Zac is special to his mother especially considering he was born on Christmas day. Zac's father is a macho man who wants to see his boys grow up to be masculine and tough. His relationship with Zac changes when he sees him in his mother's clothing. Zac later begins a relationship with a girl named Michelle and his father is happy that he is not gay. He however spots Zac with another man. He orders Zac to attend therapy to cure him from homosexuality. Zac's relationship with Michelle grows until during a brother's wedding when he is accused of kissing another man. His father asks him to leave. Zac only comes back after his brother dies from a drug overdose. It dawns on his father that life is limited and he makes up with Zac.