Mambo Italiano is a 2003 gay movie about an Italian immigrant family coming to terms with their son's homosexuality. Angelo Barberini lives with his mother, father and sister in Montreal Canada. At 27 he moves out to live alone. He meets his childhood friend Nino Paventi. Nino is a police officer. He is manly and good looking. The two fall for each other and begin a homosexual affair. Nino moves in with Angelo.
Angelo comes out of the closet to his parents. They are shocked and argue about what and who is to blame for his sexuality. They invite Nino's mother Lina Paventi to discuss it. Lina insists Angelo is the receptive partner in the relationship which upsets Gino Barberini. They get into a fight and part ways.
Word goes round about Angelo's sexual orientation. Nino is uncomfortable because of his job. He was dating girls back in high school. He meets one and they begin dating and soon plan to marry. He abandons his relationship with Angelo insisting he is not gay. He does a wedding which Angelo's parents attend.
Angelo continues with his gay lifestyle and his parents are forced to accept him for who he is.