Gay Movies

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Gay movies are films which have a homosexual theme. Gay themed movies come in many genres such as comedy, true story, love story, biography, thrillers and documentary movies. Some popular gay movies revolve around issues which affect the gay community at most such as AIDS, homophobia, bullying, suicide and homelessness.

The following is a list of some common gay movies which are popular:

THE LOVE OF SIAM: The Love of Siam is a Thai gay movie written and directed by Chookiat Sakveerakul. The movie dominated Thailand's 2007 film awards season. It won the Best Picture category in all major national film awards. The movie is about two boys who are devastated by their separation in childhood. One has homosexual feelings for the other and they have to deal with it when they meet later in their late teens.
PRAYERS FOR BOBBY: Prayers for Bobby is a 2009 gay tv movie directed by Russell Mulcahy. It was nominated for two Primetime Emmy awards. The movie won the 2010 GLAAD Award. The movie also won the Audience Favorite Award at the Seattle Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. The movie is about Bobby who commits suicide after his very religious family especially mother keep on insisting that he changes and that homosexuality is a sin. The mother is forced to rethink her religious believes after her son's death.
THE BLOSSOMING OF MAXIMO OLIVEROS: This is a Philippine movie released in 2005. It was directed by Auraeus Solito. It was the official entry to the 2007 Philippines Academy Awards. The movie is about a young gay boy named Maximo whose family has accepted his homosexuality. He falls for a policeman and he is forced to balance two lives because his family members are thieves.
BEAUTIFUL THING: Beautiful Thing was originally a play written by Jonathan Harvey. The gay movie was released in 1996 directed by Hettie MacDonald. The story in the film is about two boys who fall in love and start a love affair secretly but trouble sets in when they get outed.
LATTER DAYS: Latter days is an American romantic drama film released in 2003. It was the first movie to openly portray the clash between the Mormon missionary and homosexuality. The movie is about a missionary who is caught kissing another man and gets sent away then taken to a rehabilitation center to cure his homosexuality.
ANOTHER GAY MOVIE: This is a 2006 gay comedy directed by Todd Stephens. It follows four friends who vow to lose their virginity after finishing high school.
ANOTHER GAY SEQUEL: As the name goes it is a sequel or continuation of the former. It is a gay comedy film which follows four young gay boys as they contest for "Miss Gay Gone Wild" crown. The winner is the one who manages to have sex with the most guys during the spring break. The movie is directed by Todd Stephens.
FINDING ME: This movie stars RayMartell Moore as Faybien. Faybien is a young gay man looking for direction in life. Life is not easy especially because his father is homophobic. He has to move out and find who he is and where he fits. The film is written and directed by Roger Omeus.
RIVERS WASH OVER ME: A gay movie written by John Young and Darien directed by the former. This film follows the life of orphaned Sequan as he goes through rape, homophobia and rejection.
MYSTERIOUS SKIN: This gay movie tells the story of two boys were sexually abused by their baseball coach as children. It affects them into their adulthood with one becoming a homosexual prostitute while the other lives in a fantasy alien world. The film is directed and produced by Gregg Araki.
POSTER BOY: This is a 2004 gay themed film about a senator is tough against homosexuality without knowing that his own son is also gay. Problem starts when the Senator's son sexual orientation is revealed during his campaign. The film is directed by Zak Tucker. It is written by Lecia Rosenthal and Ryan Shiraki.
BLACKMAIL BOY: The movie is a about a boy who is having a heterosexual relationship with his college professor but at the same time engaging in a homosexual affair with the professor's husband. He is forced by some family members who know about it to use blackmail tactics to protect their property. This movie is written and directed by Thanasis Papathanasiou and Michalis Reppas.
AN ANGEL NAMED BILLY: This is a gay movie about a frail father who is suffering from a stroke but notices that his gay son is lonely and in need of a gay companion. He arranges a search to find his son a worthy boyfriend. The LGBT film stars Dustin Belt, Brent Battles and Robin Dionne. Greg Osborne has directed the movie and written it with Eliezer Gregorio.
9 DEAD GAY GUYS: This is a 2002 gay comedy about two boys who go seeking sexual favors from homosexual men in London's gay underworld. One of the men dies when being penetrated by one of the boys and they are forced to flee. They however discover a myth about a bed full of money and they embark on looking for the treasure. The movie is directed and written by Lab Ky Mo.
CHILDREN OF GOD: It is a 2010 romantic gay film from Bahama. It portrays the homophobia in Bahamian society when two men fall in love. The film is written and directed by Kareem Mortimer.
GUNHILL ROAD:  This is a 2011 gay movie about a father who returns from prison to find his son experimenting a gay lifestyle and the wife having an affair. He tries hard to change his son into a real man from the woman he has become causing conflict between him and the mother. He also accosts the man having an affair with wife eventually beating him up. The series of events leads him back into the streets selling drugs. He is eventually arrested and sent back to prison. The film stars Esai Morales as the father. it is directed by Rashaad Ernesto Green who is also the writer.