Gay Themed Episodes: Law & Order


Bobby Holland is found shot dead in his apartment. Officers Greevy and Logan investigate and find out it was not a robbery. They also find out Bobby was gay and had AIDS. Their investigations lead them to another gay man Jack Curry. Jack also has AIDS and has been helping fellow gay men commit suicide. He admits he shot Bobby as a mercy killing as he wanted to die so as to avoid a long painful death from AIDS. Jack who is also dying of AIDS gets convicted of a minor offence which does not require him to serve time behind bars.


Silence is the 21 episode of season two in the TV Series. James Vogel a prominent councilman is found dead on the road with stab wounds. Investigations reveal that he was gay and that he was being blackmailed. An inmate in prison and his lawyer are the culprits in the blackmail. James' father tries very hard to stop their prosecution fearing the family's reputation will be ruined when it becomes public James was gay.


Manhood is the 21 episode of season three in the TV Series. Rick Newhouse a police officer on patrol comes under fire. He calls for backup but it arrives too late as he is found dead. Investigations reveal the dispatched officers deliberately delayed to respond because Newhouse was gay.


Pride is the 23 episode of season five in this TV Series. Councilman Richard Durban is shot just after leaving a meeting with the gay community. Councilman Durban is openly gay. Police investigations lead to Kevin Crossley Durban's rival in politics who also happens to be quite homophobic. Crossley is charged with the shooting but the jury is unable to reach a verdict.


Episode 13 of season 11. A man is found killed outside his house. Investigations reveal that he is gay and lives with his boyfriend. They also have an adopted boy child. The boy's biological mother is identified as the one who kidnapped the boy. After being hard pressed she reveals that she went with the boy's biological father to get the boy then a roar ensued leading to the killing. The biological father gets convicted for the crime.


Church is the 14th episode of season 17 of the TV Series Law & Order. A 25 year old gay man is found killed by a gun shot in his house. The victim's name is Jeff Cantwell. Investigations reveal Jeff did male escort services and had offered a prominent pastor his services. Reverend James Sterling ministers at the New Promise Church which he also pioneered. He is critical of homosexuality in his sermons even though he engages in the vice secretly. He is arrested for the murder but commits suicide in remand. Further investigations reveal James was innocent and was covering for the wife. The wife pleads guilty after detectives threaten to reveal her past record of cocaine use and prostitution.


This is the third episode of season 18 in the TV Series. A bomb explodes in an elevator seriously injuring a female security guard. Investigations lead to the victim's in law Dean Emerson. The bomb was meant to kill Dr. Hoffman who is doing a study on a gay gene. He had conducted tests on the victim's fetus and found the gay gene in it.


Season one episode 11 features Seth London a 21 year old gay man found dead after dropping from the roof. Seth's father is a member of the Moral Coalition which is against homosexuality. Seth had just finished a course of treatment to cure his homosexuality 2 months before. Investigations lead officers to a serial rapist who has just been released on parole Ray Gunther. DNA tests however show the semen on Seth does not belong to Ray but a member of his family. Investigators go for Ray's brother who lives in the same building and find out he killed Seth out of his brother's manipulation.


Season four episode 21 is about Cheryl Avery who hits a man in a bathroom at a party. The man later dies in hospital. Cheryl tells officers investigating that the man named Joe tried to rape her. Cheryl's boyfriend Eddie is the victim's brother. Blood work from the lab however shows Cheryl is genetically male. Officers find out Cheryl is a transgender on hormones. Cheryl was born Charles. Eddie does not know Cheryl is anatomically a man. When officers tell him he is shocked and takes an overdose of his heart medication which kills him. In court Cheryl the transgender is found guilty. He is imprisoned as a man. He gets gang raped in prison.


Season 5 episode 8. A young male in his 20s is found dead on the streets. Tests on his body reveal he was killed and had been having sex with another man. Investigators go asking around gay bars and find out he was on posters for a recovery from homosexuality organization called Regenesis. James Reed is the name of the victim. Ian Tate is the main suspect and almost gets prosecuted until blood analysis from the scene shows Rodger Tate must be the killer. Rodger Tate is Ian's father. He killed James after finding him having sex with his son in the house. Rodger runs an organization which is anti homosexuality.


Season 7 episode five. Robin Weller is found murdered and his body put on the display of a shop his works. Investigations reveal he was gay and had attended a gay circuit party the night before. They find his boyfriend Lydon Grant murdered in his house with the same words "killer" written next to his body. Officers find out that Grant and Robin had a rare strain of HIV which is resistant to antivirus drugs. It also causes AIDS in a very short period. The killer Gabriel Thomason claims he killed them because his brother Alex who was also gay died from the strain which he got from them. Gabriel is found guilty and sentenced for 15 years.


Season 7 episode 11. Emma a 7 year old girl stabs and paralyzes a boy in school. Investigations reveal Emma has had bullying and teasing problems in school. Further investigations reveal St. Victor's Catholic School where she attends had tried to expel her when they discovered her parents are gay. Emma's biological mother is in a lesbian relationship with Zoe. Only a court order stopped the expulsion but their girl but the bullying in school is unbearable for her. She stabs the bully after he goes too far as to try and kiss her and cut her hair off all the while teasing her a dyke.


Season 8 episode 17. A young man is found murdered with his body dumped in a church cemetery. Investigations reveal his name was Richard and that he was a gay prostitute. Phone calls lead investigators to New Souls Church led by Reverend Curtis. Police are convinced Curtis committed the murder given the partial DNA evidence from the crime scene. They however later on discover that the son of Reverend Curtis had a homosexual secret affair with Richard. Reverend Curtis had previously owned up to the crime thinking his son did it. It is later discovered that one of the staff at the church committed the murder in a scheme aimed at bringing Curtis down.


Season 9 episode 16. Sam a personal assistant finds his boss dead in bed. Jeremy is his boss and a closeted gay man. A homeless young man is the suspect but police quickly rule him out. Investigations lead them to closeted pro football player Lincoln Haver. Lincoln secret is outed during the investigations. He is gay bashed to a coma by fans. This gets one of the officers investigating the case suspended. Lincoln confesses for the killing and is charged and convicted. Only after his conviction do officers find out his sports agent Gary actually committed the murder.


Season 11 episode 13. A woman is found killed in an isolated alley. After police send out photos to identify her a lesbian rights organization called Lesbestrong shows up claiming they are being targeted. They identify the victim as one of their own Elisa Davies. Investigations lead them to a man with a tattoo of  a spider on his hand.


Season 9 episode 13. A boy is hospitalized from bleeding due to anal rape. Investigators first suspect a Jewish teacher to be the perpetrator or the father who has since separated with the mother. Forensic investigations help them identify the pubic hair on the victim to be from an adolescent boy. Jack Trembley a boy in school is the perpetrator and has committed rape on 3 other younger girls in the same school.


Season 10 episode 14. A man is beaten to near death in an alley. Investigations reveal they are getting a divorce with wife due to disagreement on their daughter. Their daughter is a transgender who prefers to be called Hailey instead of Henry. The father is against Henry taking hormone inhibitors to transition to a woman. Henry's guidance counselor in school beat the father to a coma to try and save Henry.


Season 1 episode 10. An NYU gay student dies from injuries inflicted after a policeman penetrated him with a stick. The stick perforated his rectum leading to a torn artery thus bleeding to death. The police department is forced to do an internal investigation to bring the perpetrators to book.


Season 1 episode 12. Carlos Martinez a transgender is found dead in his house. Luis Ramirez who was having an affair with Carlos is the suspect. It is however unearthed that the father actually killed Carlos when he was scared of spoiling his name and that of the family after a rumor his son might be gay. The father manages to get off but Luis commits suicide in his cell after the father disowns him.