Gay Themed Episodes: The Simpsons


The Simpsons family is having financial problem. They have to pay a gas bill of 900$ and still get another drier after Bart broke the previous one during a betting game he has organized. Marge decides to sell a family antique. They go to an antique store but their item is no more than for alcohol storage. The antique dealer named John however strikes a conversation with Homer and he agrees to come over and check for valuable antiques at the Simpsons house. John comes over to the house and his bond with Homer grows. Homer likes him. Marge later explains to Homer that John is a homosexual. Homer is shocked and homophobic. He is even more worried to learn John is coming over to take them out. Homer hides in the house as John takes them out. The family enjoys John's company and when they come back Homer wants to know what happened. Homer becomes obsessed with his son Bart after thinking his masculinity might have been compromised by John. He is especially worried when he sees him in a Hawaiian shirt and when he asks Bart answers "it must have come out of the closet". He decides to take Bart out to masculine places. He takes him to a steel mill but it turns out the mill is a gay mill. He complains his son does not stand a chance as the whole world has gone gay. Friends at a bar propose hunting. They camp out in the bush waiting for a deer but none shows up. They return upset in the night but break into a place with a pen full of rain deer. Homer gives Bart the rifle to kill one but he does not want. The deer attack them. They are saved when John comes with a robot from his store. Homer's friends complain they were saved by a sissy because John is gay. Homer stands up for John and tells them he is not a sissy but a queer. On their drive back home Homer tells Bart he is free to be what he wishes in his life meaning there is no problem is he turns out gay.


Homer sees a television advert about a miracle hair regrowth drug called Dimoxinil. He gets obsessed with getting it. He is however upset when told it costs 1000 dollars. Fellow workers at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant advise him to use his insurance cover by faking the drug as preventing brain freezing. He gets the Dimoxinil and the next day after planting it he has a head full of hair. It gives him so much confidence that it gets him promoted at work to an executive. He gets a personal assistant named Karl who is gay. Karl takes him to do shopping and gives him advise on his looks. Karl also has a crush on him. A jealous co worker tells the boss M. Burns about Homer's fraud. He is to be sacked but the gay assistant takes responsibility and leaves. Karl comes later to give Homer an executive speech which gets him demoted back to where he was. Bart back home spills the Dimoxinil and Homer is overwhelmed with grief as he will not afford another. His hair falls off and he is back bald with his old job.


Bart and his friend play a practical joke on a new visitor to the city of Springfield. They make his experience there terrible. Three days later they see him on TV giving the city a bad review and a very low rating. Tourism to the city goes down and businesses close. The mayor calls a meeting to find a way to revive tourism. Lisa Simpson proposes they legalize gay marriage so that they can attract tourist traffic from same sex couples and also get a human rights score. The city decides to do so. Many same sex couples flock to the city to marry. A local reverend refuses to marry them in the chapel. Homer gets a business idea out of this. He goes online and gets ordained as a minister. He turns the house garage into a chapel and begins charging to conduct gay marriages. Patty who is Marge's sister comes to tell them she wants to get married. Marge is excited until she explains that she is getting married to another woman named Veronica. Marge who has been comfortable with same sex relations now seems uneasy with her sister's relationship. On the wedding day Marge notices Veronica is a man while in the toilet. She decides to attend the wedding to Patty's happy surprise. She however interrupts when she reveals Veronica is a man. Patty is also shocked and abandons the wedding. Patty and sister Marge bond again despite their previous misunderstanding on being a lesbian.


Homer finds Marge's history chest. It contains items from their past including photographs and letters. He reads some of Marge's writings. One of the writings implies to him that Marge never loved him because of his drinking. Homer gets the idea that Marge only married him because she was pregnant with Bart. They get into a fight with Marge. Homer moves out. He finds an advertisement in the newspaper about a wanted roommate. He goes for it and moves into a gay neighborhood. He shares the room with a gay couple. Homer adopts gay mannerisms and is really enjoying himself. Marge comes with a musician to apologize. She also fixes a date with Homer. Homer however gets drunk and forgets the date only to arrive late. Marge is upset and goes away claiming he only cares about alcohol and his homosexual friends. Homer goes back to the house very sad. One of the gay men comforts him them kisses him. Homer runs off scared. He goes to a regular bar and takes too much. He gets admitted for alcohol poisoning. The doctor plays him a video of how Marge felt about him when he was first admitted for the same before they got married. Homer gets convinced Marge did love him. Marge and Homer bond again.