Gay TV Shows

Gay TV Shows are reality shows which represent issues to do with the lgbt community. Most of them are hosted by TV stations. To watch gay tv shows from gay tv channels online go right and download the software. The following are some renown gay tv shows.
THE A LIST NEW YORK: The A List New York is a reality gay television show. It is from the LGBT TV channel Logo. The show debuted in 2010. It follows the lives of 6 gay and bisexual men in New York over the summer of 2010. It aired two seasons and a total of twenty two episodes.
1 GIRL 5 GAYS: This is a Canadian gay talk show that premiered in October of 2009. A panel of 5 homosexual men discusses topics that relate to the LGBT community. It was first aired on MTV then Logo picked it up. In each show the host sat down with 5 men to discuss 20 questions on love and sex.
RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE: This is an American gay reality TV show which details RuPaul's search for America's next drag superstar. It is directed by Ian Stevenson and is aired on Logo.It is produced by World of Wonder and premiered in the USA on February 2, 2009. It aired four seasons and a total of 37 episodes.
QUEER EYE: Queer Eye is an American gay television show which first aired on the gay tv channel Bravo on July 2003. The shows involves a team of 5 gay men who perform makeovers on usually straight men based on the stereotype that homosexuals have an eye for fashion, style and personal grooming.
THE BIG GAY SKETCH SHOW: The Big Gay Sketch Show is an American gay sketch comedy that debuted on Logo in 2007. It is produced by Rosie O'Donnell and directed by Amanda Bearse. The shows features comedy sketches with a gay theme. The show aired a total of 22 episodes in 3 seasons.